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Children and healthy control patients. control vaccines. kidney disease. nephrolithiasis. hypercalciuria. hyperuricosuria. nephritic syndrome nephrotic syndrome and more. .

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Pediatra - Puericultor / Nefrólogo Pediátrico

Children and healthy control patients.
Control vaccines.
Kidney disease.
Nephritic syndrome
Nephrotic syndrome and more.
Unidad Pediátrica Nueva Barcelona, Avenida Caracas, Edf Videmar piso 1 consultorio 4. - Juan Antonio Sotillo - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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Venezuela Natural, Tienda Naturista

Naturista store, sale of all type of natural, nutritional, complex products, vitamins, slimming, regimes of training, purifying, soaps, etc.
Av. Nicolas Rolando, antes de muebleria juncal. Entre fuerzas armadas y fuente luminosa. - Pedro María Freites - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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Gestiones A1 Express - Venezuela

Notary's office and agency.
Calle Juncal Edificio Don Gigi Oficina 8-A
Puerto La Cruz Estado Anzoátegui - Juan Antonio Sotillo - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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Dr Abejas

Factory bee products high technology for medical, therapist, esthetician, veterinary ophthalmology, spa.
Wholesale and detail.
Made in Venezuela
Calle 10 numero 24 - Simón Rodríguez - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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Auto Service Extreme Car Carlos

Auto service. It is engaged in the sale and installation of smoked paper. And accessory vehicle and vehicle security system
Av. Bolivar de Puerto la Cruz Estado Anzoategui. #239 Venezuela - Juan Antonio Sotillo - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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Asociaciòn Cooperativa Transporte Ocozias R.L.

We are a company dedicated to the executive transport of people all over the national territory.
calle falcon, quinta nº 2, cantaura, edo.anzoàtegui - Pedro María Freites - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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Repuestos Bomba y Toma fuerza JG

We offer spare parts for diesel engines generally used or new work by hanging against orders requested by you.
Boyaca 2 sector 3 local 1 Barcelona Estado Anzoategui - Simón Rodríguez - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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- Simón Bolívar - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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Global Group Hap, C.A.

We are a shipping agency, freight forwarders and deconsolidated, customs brokers, port operators, and everything related to port logistics are concerned.
Urb. Lomas del Mar, Kilometro 9 de la Avenida Alterna de Puerto la Cruz - Guanta - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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Computer technical support at home, developing Web pages, files autocad intellectual protection, children's educational software, desktop computer sales. mini laptop notbook, Tablet PC technical support to wireless networks, Ian.
Av. Merida, edificio doña isabel, apto 6, anaco, edo. anazoategui - Anaco - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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Conjunto Vacacional El Amanecer

Rented apartment of 52 mts for vacation or business events with seminar rooms, year-end meetings, parties, special celebrations or weddings in our social areas, swimming pools and green areas.
calle las Delicias, sector Buenos Aires, Puerto Piritu, Estado anzoátegui - Píritu - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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Centro Amaia F, P

Health center dedicated to detox massage therapies and natural medicine.
Anzoatequi, Barcelona, Boyaca IV calle 7, frente al ambulatorio de Boyaca v - Simón Bolívar - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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Tripocentro Puerto La Cruz, C.A.

Sales of auto parts in general specializing in tripoides, also sell: cushions, waiters, bearings, lubricants, box tops, rubber kit, etc.
Av. Bolivar, Local nro. 467-B, Puerto La Cruz - Juan Antonio Sotillo - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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Petrovex de Oriente S.A

Eastern Petrovex sa, a company dedicated to the sale of oil supplies and materials, valves, gaskets, pipes, fittings, stainless steel, power plants, submersible pumps, welding machines, bevelling machines, hoists, gasoline More...
Av, Guzman Lander sector colinas del neveri Barcelona estado Anzoategui. - Simón Bolívar - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
Rpte: Gustavo Benitez
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Psicologo Clinico.Psicoterapeuta

Specializing in individual psychotherapy, couples and Familias.Trastornos of Adolescence. Children and Youth Violence Abuse Anxiety Depression Neuropsychology
Personality Disorders. UCAB-HUC.Fellow University of Bridgeport
Av. Intercomunal El Tigre- El Tigrito, Frente a Transporte Yelamo. - Simón Rodríguez - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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Servicios Medicos GB CA

14 years of technology experience
Centro Comercial Novo Centro Planta aja local 13 Av Estdio Puerto la Cruz - Juan Antonio Sotillo - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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Dr. Jose D. Guzman

Diseases of the digestive tract, liver, gallbladder and bile ducts, pancreas, hemorrhoids, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, abdominal ultrasound.
Av. Principal de Lecheria, Centro Ocho, Planta Alta, Consultorio Dr. Jose Guzman - Diego Bautista Urbaneja - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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Restaurante El Criollisímo, C.A.

Specialty mullet with garlic, fried and marine. Fish and seafood soups. Meat, poultry and a range of fish to your liking. We are at your service!!!
Carretera nacional de la costa, a 5 minutos de Boca de Uchire, hora y media de Barcelona y dos horas y media de Caracas. - San Juan de Capistrano - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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Dora Valdez

Sale of breast prostheses Refinex brand, high-profile, smooth texture, the pair is 375cc and 400cc because they are asymmetrical prosthesis, lifelong and fully sealed package. Negocibles ...
Nva Barcelona - Juan Antonio Sotillo - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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Grupo Vitalgui 2021 C.A

Sector the pencil, Puerto la Cruz, Anzoategui State. We have vendors attending this area with personalized assistance.
Puerto la Cruz Edo Anzoategui. - Juan Antonio Sotillo - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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Jiménez Núñez Arquitectura

Núñez Jiménez architecture 3d architectural visualizations plotting and printing.
Av. José Antonio Anzoátegui, C.C. Anaco Center, Piso 2, Oficina 14 - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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S.I. Soldafer, C.A.

Our company this dedicated to the provision of all type of tools for the industry generally of the inportantes marks but of the world
Calle Democracia entre Ricaute y Simon Rodriguez N° 88 Puerto la Cruz - Juan Antonio Sotillo - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
Rpte: Cecilio Morales
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Servicio Tecnico Electronico, CA

Electronics service, repair, electronic, audio video, appliances, air conditioners, approved under the Daewoo brand, Haier, premium, Cyberlux, g-plus, lg, sale of spare parts, warranty service.
Av 15 cruce con calle girardot local 1 y 2 a 50 metros. de Pinta Todo (Antiguo Pinto Sur) - Simón Rodríguez - Anzoátegui - Venezuela
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