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The company arquitec, c.

Arquitec, C.A.

Arquitec, C.A. The company Arquitec, C.A. Dairy is located in Daikin trading partner, Japanese company with over 90 years of existence and the largest manufacturer and supplier of air conditioning, ventilation and heating (HVAC) in the world. We offer solutions tailored to their needs: residential, commercial or industrial.
Our service includes: projects, installation, maintenance, spare parts and more. We also provide planning and More...
Calle Sucre, Qta. La Goleta, Nº 119, Urb. El Morro, Lechería - Diego Bautista Urbaneja - Anzoátegui - Venezuela

Venezuela Natural, Tienda Naturista

Naturista store, sale of all type of natural, nutritional, complex products, vitamins, slimming, regimes of training, purifying, soaps, etc.
Av. Nicolas Rolando, antes de muebleria juncal. Entre fuerzas armadas y fuente luminosa. - Pedro María Freites - Anzoátegui - Venezuela

Psychologists in Venezuela -
Graduated from the Central University of Venezuela. Specialist counseling, vocational counseling, anxiety management, pre marital and marital attention. Crisis intervention, brief therapy and bibliotherapy. Families...

Gestiones A1 Express - Venezuela

Notary's office and agency.
Calle Juncal Edificio Don Gigi Oficina 8-A
Puerto La Cruz Estado Anzoátegui - Juan Antonio Sotillo - Anzoátegui - Venezuela

Dr Abejas

Factory bee products high technology for medical, therapist, esthetician, veterinary ophthalmology, spa.
Wholesale and detail.
Made in Venezuela
Calle 10 numero 24 - Simón Rodríguez - Anzoátegui - Venezuela

Auto Service Extreme Car Carlos

Auto service. It is engaged in the sale and installation of smoked paper. And accessory vehicle and vehicle security system
Av. Bolivar de Puerto la Cruz Estado Anzoategui. #239 Venezuela - Juan Antonio Sotillo - Anzoátegui - Venezuela

Médicos en los Estados Unidos -
Especialista en enfermedades del adulto y adolescente, hipertension arterial, diabetes mellitus, evaluacion cardiovascular pre operatoria....

Asociaciòn Cooperativa Transporte Ocozias R.L.

We are a company dedicated to the executive transport of people all over the national territory.
calle falcon, quinta nº 2, cantaura, edo.anzoàtegui - Pedro María Freites - Anzoátegui - Venezuela

Pediatra - Puericultor / Nefrólogo Pediátrico

Children and healthy control patients.
Control vaccines.
Kidney disease.
Nephritic syndrome
Nephrotic syndrome and more.
Unidad Pediátrica Nueva Barcelona, Avenida Caracas, Edf Videmar piso 1 consultorio 4. - Juan Antonio Sotillo - Anzoátegui - Venezuela

Repuestos Bomba y Toma fuerza JG

We offer spare parts for diesel engines generally used or new work by hanging against orders requested by you.
Boyaca 2 sector 3 local 1 Barcelona Estado Anzoategui - Simón Rodríguez - Anzoátegui - Venezuela

Psychotherapists in Anzoátegui -
Specific therapies designed for children and adults. - Cure phobias. - Compulsions and addictions. - Attention Deficit. - Fear of things...

Dra. Andrea Santodomingo Bermudez

Gastroenterologist, consultations, digestive tract, videogastroscopia, videocolonoscopia and abdominal ultrasound.

medical specialties recess, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, 7 am-1pm
Avenida Centurion, Al frente del Central Madeirense, Nueva Barcelona, Anzoategui - Simón Bolívar - Anzoátegui - Venezuela


- Simón Bolívar - Anzoátegui - Venezuela

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